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People’s journeys to the digital lifestyle have tremendously being overwhelmed by the out conditions, as a significant breakpoint of COVID-19 pandemic and people already transformed lots of things from their life into digital life. These alterations must be done in the also business sector as well as tens of others. The corporations which do not do anything for it, will be destroying themselves as the pandemic is disrupting the business world and companies have no choice but to review their strategies to overcome the crisis.

Although most business leaders have decided to launch digital transformation initiatives to retain businesses running, there is still no immediate solution to make contracts, deals digitally; Online. But experts and the pathway out the complete digital business lifestyle, including signatures worth a billion-dollar.

At this point according to MarketsandMarkets, the global digital signature market presumed to be raised by the %36,7 (CAGR) till 2023 from 1,2b dollars to 5,5b dollars. This reveals to us by late 2023, most companies will transform their signature acts both internally and externally into digital ones.

A company DocuSign which provides e-signature solutions, allows organizations to manage electronic agreements. The Company has raised more than $512 million in 3 rounds of funding, from investors including Accel, Comcast Ventures and Cross Creek Advisors. The Company has customers from all sectors of business — including the financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology and government industries — currently numbering approximately 225,000.

Besides these all statistical values, it still an influential problem to travel overseas just for signature and several hours meetings rather than performing it simply online and digitally. Business leaders,-the time is so valuable for them- waste so much time travelling as well as financial losses.

Finally, all that we have persuades us how businesses are going to involve digital presence even for the signing for a billion dollars contracts with the trustworthy, reliable technology* behind them.

*technology: blockchain

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